Left luggage

Left luggage

Below mentioned charges are same for T1

Cloakroom / Baggage Storage Charges (P4)

Time SlotStandard (Cabin Baggage)Above Standard (Checked in Baggage)
Upto 6 hrs.Rs.150/-Rs.200/-
Upto 12 hrs.Rs.300/-Rs.400/-
Upto 18 hrs.Rs.450/-Rs.600/-
Upto 24 hrs.Rs.600/-Rs.800/-
Upto 30 hrs.Rs.800/-Rs.1000/-
Upto 36 hrs.Rs.900/-Rs.1200/-
Upto 48 hrs.Rs.1200/-Rs.1500/-
Upto 54 hrs.Rs.1350/-Rs.1600/-
Upto 60 hrs.Rs.1500/-Rs.1800/-
Upto 66 hrs.Rs.1650/-Rs.2000/-
Upto 72 hrs.Rs.1800/-Rs.2200/-
Upto 78 hrs.Rs.1950/-Rs.2400/-
Upto 84 hrs.Rs.2100/-Rs.2600/-
Upto 90 hrs.Rs.2250/-Rs.2800/-
Upto 96 hrs.Rs.2400/-Rs.2550/-
Upto 120 hrs.Rs.2550/-Rs.2950/-
Baggage Delivery Charges between Terminals (Per Bag) *
Standard (Cabin Baggage)Rs.228/-
Above Standard (Checked in Baggage)Rs.342/-
* T1 to T2 transferable but, T2 to T1 non transferable.
Above rates are inclusive of GST.

*Standard cabin baggage size

Please note that these charges are inclusive of service tax.